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HostGatorReviewWhy Choose Hostgator?

To begin with Hostgator Services Review, we think the best way to better understand all the benefits you can access once you’ve chosen Hostgator, is to ask yourself some questions about the choices of the majority of users who are already use Hostgator with satisfying :

  • Have you ever thought why many web based professionals prefer HostGator hosting to others?
  • Do you know what kinds of features are attracting such a large number of customers towards this company?

Some say the best reason is the extraordinary service record, whereas some others tend to point out the top-notch performance of HostGator servers! However, when it comes to the perspective of a newbie blogger or internet marketer, these reasons are not enough to reach a decision of choosing a web-hosting provider.

This is why we decided to do a review of HostGator, which will cover different aspects of Hostgator Inc as one of the prominent provider of various web-hosting services. Through this review, we hope you will have a clearer idea about HostGator services as well if you will need a very professional and functional service for your website.

Performance of Hostgator Servers


Hostgator as the service provider has a clear record of powerful servers situated in superb data centers all over the world. Most of users have a positive opinion towards the performance of Hostgator servers, and Hostgator powered websites as well as blogs have an enviable PageSpeed in different measures. This is one of important point to consider about Hostgator’s services would be able to satisfy every internet marketers who are concerned about seamless working of them websites. Even if you have chosen the more economy plans of Hostgator, your site will always show awesome performance.

Reliability of Hostgator hosting services is worth mentioning. If you check user reviews of Hostgator hosting services let it be Shared, Reseller or VPS hosting, chances are high that the number of positive ones would be at least double of the contrary. You will not be having sudden account suspension without proper reasons either! in simple words, Hostgator is a 100% reliable web hosting provider.

Cpanel and User Interface

HostGator-cPanelWhen you are a newbie, especially if you have no previous experience in handling server platforms, User Interface of the cPanel is something significant, is one of the most popular ones and is extremely easy to use, with sections broken down clearly and logically. Hostgator is using cPanel accelerated to power its shared hosting control panel, and this panel seems really fine for both newbies and professionals in the server management section. Customers using a dedicated server can choose from three different cPanels on Hostgator.

Website Builder

webSiteBuilding-02From your Hostgator cPanel you can choose from many Mobile-Friendly templates and you can use the most popular cms like WordPress ready to build your new website intuitively, then you can use the QuickInstall process that’s located on Your cPanel, to install WordPress for free. You can choose also Joomla Hosting & Drupal Hosting, Magento Hosting with Free E-commerce platform for your own store and Wiki Hosting.

Customer Support

HostgatorCustomerSupportHostgator customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, Hostgator has kept the power of simplicity in the section of customer support as well, users can opt for online chat, telephone support, or creating an email service ticket, each of the options usually results in you speaking to an assistant within a few minutes and they can fix technical or non-technical issues regarding that service in matter of seconds. Hostgator’s knowledge base is extremely deep, offering text and video tutorials.

Plans and Pricing

Hostagtor offers mainly three shared web hosting plans, let’s see it in detail.


Hatchling Plan

The plan suitable for personal use starts at $ 3.95 per month for the first year. It offers a unique domain with all that you would get from other plans, except for some advanced features like parked domains and anonymous FTP. Once finished, the price drops to almost double.

Baby Plan

The Baby Plan, best suited for professional use, has unlimited domains for $ 5.95 per month for the first year. Like the Hatchling Plan, it includes all basis features, apart from some of the more advanced that are only available for Business Plan.

Business Plan

The best most expensive shared plan, but what Hostgator recommends for enterprise purposes that need more power and functionality. It has a price similar to Baby Plan, $ 5.95 a month, but unlike the latter, it includes advanced features such as free dedicated IP, free private SSL and anonymous FTP.

Final conclusion about Hostgator Services Review

After analyzing all the essential aspects of the services offered by Hostgator, it is clear that the company offers superb features at a truly reasonable price range! They also has created an awesome impression in minds of professionals, through the impeccable service easy to use, the support is great and often does simple website tasks for you, so if you are a newbie user, we will definitely suggest Hostgator as yours web hosting provider and we remind you to try Hostgator services at even lower prices by use our special coupons code ONECENTHG, go to Hostgator 1 cent coupon, and take it now, this coupon offer is at limited time!

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